What is Future Labo?


FUTURE LABO is where victims from the Great East Japan Earthquake and different creators from inside and outside Japan do research, discuss and have workshops together. This five-year program makes people reconsider on nature and one's life while offering a place to study suggestions on future foundations.
By having different projects in various areas, they connect, cooperate and share the same problems together; drawing others into the vortex of reconstruction which spreads their challenge throughout Japan and the world.


To link people together
This year's first session of Eastern Japan Reconstruction starts off with the theme of "From Communication Design to Community Design."
Moving around Tohoku is basically done by Ichiro Endo's car. After the Great Earthquake, each of the affected areas conducted their own reconstruction activities, with creators getting involved and facing the huge questions raised by this huge natural disaster. This is a project to connect such activities and questions in a compound way.

※2To the Future
Vik Muniz Future artist Ichiro Endo's own cars (photo)
Plays with two Japanese words "未来へ号(ゴー)" meaning "Go Future" and "To the Future". On the yellow car, it says "To Future" in blue words. The dreams of those he met are written around those words.


1st session : February 6th ~ February 8th
Places going around : Ichinoseki, Kamaishi-shi, Tohno, Rikuzentakata and other places
Artist Vik Muniz

February 7th
"Waste Land" (a documentary nominated to the Oscars) will be showed with a talk with Vik Muniz. At Houjuji Temple in Kamaishi. This special film exhibition is the beginning of Vik Muniz and the people of Otsuchi, Kamaishi working together for the future. After the film, we will have a discussion with him at Kamaishi shopping district's Home for All. We hope you enjoy sharing time with Vik who is also a friendship ambassador for the FIFA world cup at Brazil this year.
Do bring your friends and family members over!

Date and Time : February 7th ( Fri)    
Opening Time : 16:30   
Showing Time : 17:00 ~ 19:15    
We'll continue on to a talk after the film.
※There are only about 100 seats at the hall. We will prioritize those who have registered beforehand.
For more information
Place : Houjuji temple at Kamaishi city
Houju gaoka 4-8 Tenjin town, Kamaishi city, Iwate prefecture

Talk Venue:Kamaishi city Home for All "Kadatte"
Shichouson 1-2, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture

Organizer : FUTURE LABO Northeast Executive Committee
Subsidy:Agency for cultural affairs Artist-in-Residence Programs 2013
In cooperation with : Shiobara Art Office, United People Ltd.

Vik Muniz
Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz was born in a labor class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961. His leg was shot when he tried to stop a fight and with the compensation, he traveled to New York. He has been working in New York ever since. Muniz uses various things which are familiar in our life to produce his pictures while taking photographs. One of his most popular works is, "The Last Supper" drawn with chocolate syrup. Marilyn Monroe Jam made by diamonds, "the Mona Lisa" made by peanut butter. Muniz's work is exhibited all over the world and it is highly evaluated. His solo exhibition "Picture of Garbage Series" was held at MAM of Rio de Janeiro with the second record of visitors after Pablo Picasso.

2nd Session:February 21st (Fri.) ~ March 3rd (Sat.)
Places going around : Ichinoseki, Otsuchi, Kamaishi, Tono, Rikuzentakata, others
<Music>Former Director of the Education Program of the Berliner Philarmoniker, Cathy Milliken
<Design>University of the Arts London Designer, Robin Jenkins

University of the Arts London Vice-Chancellor, Chris Wainright

Cathy Milliken
Cathy Milliken

Cathy Milliken was born in Brisbane, Australia. After completing her music degree in Australia majoring in performance (piano and oboe) she continued her studies in Europe under Heinz Holliger and Maurice Bourgue as well as completing her studies in the Dalcroze Method of teaching music. As a founding member of the renowned group for contemporary music, Ensemble Modern Germany, she has worked with leading composers and conductors of this century including Pierre Boulez, Peter Eötvös, Frank Zappa, György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen (who produced her performance of "Spiral" on CD - Stockhausen Verlag Nr. 45). She has composed for theatre, opera, radio, film and created installations. She has been commissioned by the Berliner Staatsoper, Staatstheater Darmstadt, South Bank Centre London, the ZKM (Centre for New Media) Karlsruhe, The Experimental Electronic Studio of Freiburg, as well as the CCMIX (enakis) Centre in Paris, the German Public Radio Stations of Saarland, Hessen and the Deutschlandfunk and the Concerto Köln. She is a leading music educationalist and from 2005-2012 was director of the Education Program of the Berliner Philharmoniker. She now lives in Berlin as a free lancing performer, composer, creative director and educational program consultant.

Cathy Milliken
Robin Jenkins

Robin Jenkins studied at The Architectural Association in London. First experiences of working involved being a project managing architect for Giorgio Armani, designing a show room for Paul Smith in New York and consulting on a project in Hong Kong for Manolo Blahnik. Robin started working in education in 2005, at secondary level and then later in the same year as a guest lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Currently he is working full time across the BA and MA level of the Interior and Spatial Design course at Chelsea.
Robin is currently working on a number of different projects including an upcoming exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design. He is alsoworking in the university foundry where he will be producing a series of pewter cast sharks to add to his collection of nautical creations.
Robin is also currently working on a book that discusses Jacque Tati's filmic relationship with modernism.


Name Future Labo TOHOKU Executive Committee
Collective Formation Design Association NPO (Representative)
Rikuzentakata Home for All NPO
Yusaku Imamura・Kayoko Iemura Office
The University of the Arts London
Members Project Director Kayoko Iemura
Coordinator Yusaku Imamura
Coordinator Shigeki Ochi
Coordinator Mototoshi Abe
Coordinator Haruka Ito
Coordinator Mikiko Sugawara
Advisor Toyo Ito (Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects)
Chris Wainwright (The University of the Arts London)
Management 運営 特定非営利活動法人デザインアソシエーション

運営 特定非営利活動法人デザインアソシエーション
Design Association NPO

Subsidy 文化庁

Agency for Cultural Affairs
Artist-in-Residence Programs 2013

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