龔天永 Kelvin Kung
龔天永 Kelvin Kung
[ Product designer ]
Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Canada, Kelvin is a passionate young designer with the complex thinking of traditional Eastern design culture and also the rule breaking approach to design innovation of the West. Kelvin believes design is not simply to be functional or to be stylish, but is a process of value building. He is constantly observing human behavior, challenging the knowns, creating designs with a humanistic approach, re-introducing interaction between people, objects and the environment.

What is design?
I believe it is a process of value building.
The value of a design can only be built if it responses to the environment we live in, no matter the concept, aesthetics or usage.

The black body color represents the emptiness and neutral state of my mind during the observations and thinking behind the design.

The reflective eyes represents the input of design is always the reflection the people, objects and environment the surrounds us.