Escafe Studio
Escafe Studio
[ Visual/Graphic designer ]
Escafe(Polly Lay, Tara Ko)

Polly Lay and Tara Ko are graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in graphic design, both had fully work experience in several 4As advertising agency. They founded Escafe in 2004, it is a creative studio and space for enjoy design, sharing creative ideas and life. In 2007 they joined the Master Class in Accessories at the Domus Academy in Milan, and now they work both in graphic design and their innovative jewelry line - Bittergrain.

The Art of Bamboo Scaffolding
Build up! Build tall and lofty!

Buildings in this city will never stop soaring ever higher.

Not only should we take pride in our skyscrapers, of which we have more per sq ft than any other city in the world … … but also recognize that the core of the art we should appreciate is the "Quick, Accurate and Effective" intelligence of utilizing bamboo scaffolding, which can be erected and dismantled so rapidly.