劉小康 Freeman Lau
劉小康 Freeman Lau
[ Visual/Graphic designer ]
Being a renowned Hong Kong designer, Freeman Lau has been serving the industry for over 30 years and achieved over 300 awards. Apart from designing, Freeman works on public art and sculptures. His artworks and sculptures are collected by museums all over the world. Currently, Freeman devotes himself to art education and promotion. He is currently the vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre and advisor of Beijing Creative Centre.

Garden Life Bread has been serving Hong Kong since 1970s. The bread is rather cheap but delicious and of high nutritional value. People from all social classes can enjoy it. The brand has developed a very positive image. Throughout the past 40 years, the package which consists of blue and white grid pattern has been used and it becomes one of our collective memories.
I wrapped TTXS with same wrapping paper of Garden Life Bread in order to emphasize the vitality of TTXS. I hope that morale of Hong Kong citizens who are exhausted from stress and livelihood would be boosted by this little boy. The younger generations will learn and adopt the painstaking attitude of people in 70s which will probably hope them cope with the challenges in the new era.