Alan Chan
李永銓 Tommy Li
[ Product designer ]
Tommy Li is the branding designer/consultant.
Graduated from the School of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tommy was received over 550 awards. Tommy Li Design Workshop was selected by "" to be one of the best top 10 Branding Company in China. 2008, he was established the first creative oriented web radio station - "Radio dada" the same year. "Agosto", a best-selling design magazine in Japan, has cited Tommy as the only graphic designer with potential to have an influential impact on Hong Kong in the next decade.

Mortgage Slave
The concept is derived from the name of the figure, "Make Progress Every Day". The name coincides with the current property market in China and Hong Kong, where house prices are progressing fiercely everyday. No matter how hard Chinese and designers have strived to realize their dreams, they are no more than a mortgage slave at the end. Nevertheless, everyone is still willing to work their best with a house loaded on their back.