林偉而 William Lim
林偉而 William Lim
[ Spatial designer/Installation artist ]
William Lim received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture, minoring in photography, from Cornell University in the United States.

After graduation, he worked in Boston for 5 years before returning to Hong Kong in 1987.

In 1993, he assumed the position of Managing Director of CL3 Architects Limited, a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm which also actively involves in public art installation projects.

Something Weird Happened to Me
One day, I was given a doll to decorate. This is weird, I have never been given a doll, let alone to decorate. Well, weird things happen to us all the time, I want the doll to encounter a weird experience. So I took it for cloning. The cloned doll is altered genetically. It is sliced into colorful contours.