Alan Chan
冼美玉 Aries Sin
[ Fashion/Accessories designer ]
"Nothing is Impossible. To me, clothing is all about wearability, design should be angled from user, devil is in the details." Being the founder and design manager of Mode Creations Ltd., Aries Sin, manufactures only 100 % made in Hong Kong fashion; the concept behind the collection design of her own brand MODEMENT lies in the triangular qualities of unisex, simple and neat. With the aim transforming ideas to the final piece of work without any alterations, she insists the prefect ion of pattern making. To bring Hong Kong to the stage of the world, her collection "Concept book" expresses cultures of Hong Kong from four aspects "Clothes", "Food", "Home" and "travel".

Hong Kong could be described as "fast" and "crowd". Being Hong Kong designers, we have to learn how to design efficiently and marketable. There is not enough time and room for us to create and research on something new. Through the figure "Tian Tian", I would like to project our hope: Hong Kong designers could jump out of the city and stand on the international stage, introducing our creative designs and innovative ideas. So I named the figure as "Fei/飛".

A sequin hummingbird at the tip of figure:
Hummingbird is the smallest and fastest bird in the world. It is similar to Hong Kong, tiny but busy. Sequins are used for embroidery and decoration on garments, since its shinny surface symbolizes the hope of bright future of design industry in Hong Kong. Escaping the birdcage reflects the design approaching international platform.