Alan Chan
Kenji Wong_wudaishiguo
Born and grew up in Hong Kong, Kenji quitted school at F.3 without entering university or design institute. After a 3-month study at HKCIVA (Chingying Institute of Visual Arts), he worked for different types of design and web portal company as designer and art director. He then moved on to Wudai Shiguo, where he took up the role as creative director until now.

The famous quote by Steve Jobs, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish", would be a real portrayal of Kenji's life as a designer and creator for over 10 years. Baptized by the wave of new media, Kenji remains his unique craftsman's texture and sensibility while at the same time bringing in new possibilities in creation. Kenji, as well as the team he leads, has now become a restless revolutionary icon in the design scene.

The rootland
By wrapping the figure in green and earthy colors, we constructed a homeland of peacefulness and leisureliness on an age-old tree, where everyone can find hopes and inspiration in it. This is to highlight the importance of having a concrete foundation as well as bearing the fundamentals in mind, and in echoing with the aim of the event, which is to promote values of heritage in design.