[ Fashion/Accessories designer ]
Matthew found himself fascinated by knitwear upon graduation from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion and Textiles in 2008. He specializes in knitwear design that allows him the freedom to apply his own design techniques. In 2010, he was the winner of Design Smart Young Design Talent Award.
" The same yarn can be used to create fashion of various styles, I am captivated by the versatility of the knitted fabric," he says. Matthew is particularly interested when things take on a new form of expression different from their current form. For that reason, the yarn featured in his fashion collection, though soft and tender by nature, can create a strikingly solid visual impact. His independent thinking runs counter to the traditional and conformist education received by most young people today. "The kind of education we have now sets rules for what's right and wrong, and the analytical skills of young people suffer as a result," he says. The bondage art by Australian contemporary artist Garth Knight has profoundly inspired Matthew's work. "While everyone thinks bondage art is just about sex and violence, I see it as a pure aesthetic pleasure," he says. Incorporating the aesthetics of bondage, Matthew's fashion collection is imbued with a mysterious elegance. Apart from his all-encompassing fashion philosophy, Matthew is an exponent of the expression of love. The "Show Me Your Love" collection at the Bauhaus X PolyU exhibition featured pieces that show different forms of romantic behavior, such as a lace made up of heart shapes. Special cutting was used to illustrate poses like cuddling and piggybacking to encourage people to express their love through actions.
Inspired by the Antwerp Six, Matthew hopes to set up an organization that gathers designers from every discipline and create interesting and unique art by way of collective talent and ideas. Sponsored by The Hong Kong Design Centre, Matthew is planning on going to London for apprenticeships in sophisticated workshops where he can hone his skills and expand his thinking. He also plans to study experimental design from some of the budding design brands and learn from their ideas about knitwear.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Matthew is passionate about the city. "I hope my work stimulates originality and creativity, and through my experience, the Hong Kong design industry can spread our original and creative ideas far and wide, so the city can shed the copycat image," he says. Matthew knows that limitations only exist in a subjective frame of mind, not in objective reality. "The creative process is similar to observing a religion. Once you believe in it, you can do it," he says. Matthew is determined to disseminate his anything-goes attitude. "When I return, I'll share my journey and my success stories as a designer so they would believe that Hong Kong can produce hugely successful designers too," he says.

As a Hong Kong-ers we work so hard, days and nights.
Sometimes its really easy to get lost and really loosing our personality and direction.
Even though it is very tough, we can still always find the true self and the way to success, with our very clear mind and goal.