Alan Chan
Prudence Mak
[ Fashion/Accessories designer ]
About Prudence & Chocolate Rain Jewellery & Design
Chocolate Rain Design is inspired by childhood dream and wonderland adventure. Each piece is unique and handcrafted with mix medium and special artistic elements. Prudence is the founder and designer and graduated in Fine Art. In 2008, Prudence was granted the Design Smart scholarship to Central Saint Martins London for MA Degree in Design Studies.
Chocolate Rain design has been exhibited and distributed internationally, including the MoMA, Tate Modern and Guggenheim Museum. Chocolate Rain design collection and illustration were commissioned projects for global brands such as Clinique, Luella, Stella McCartney's Care and Swarovski. In 2009, "WHY THROW AWAY YOUR MEMORY" art exhibition was unveiled at Times Square. In 2010, BRITISH MUSEUM X Chocolate Rain Collection launch in London.
Chocolate Rain created the DIY workshop in 2003 to share the enjoyment of the 100% handmade accessories in our flagship shop, Sogo Club, YMCA, Hong Kong Art Museum London Craft Central, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Design 100% in London and V & A Childhood …etc.

Tian Tian this character reminds me of My goals in Life. How can i create an alternative educational tool to raise awareness in eco-design for the next generation?
Obsession with shiny objects and commercial success, my life was one dimensional. How can i discover the greater self? Throughout the journey, i began to reassess everything i took for granted. Eco-design educational tools were just strategies; the challenges were to raise awareness and to take on social responsibility. Sacrificing one's own interest for greater means, i discovered altruism. This project provided new systems for eco-workshop and refreshing exhibition which i wish to influence the future generation to apply imagination on old materials and to rethink our over-consuming habits.