Alan Chan
塚田 トド・貴之 Takayuki Todo Tsukada
[ illustrator ]
Born March 12th 1980, in Chitose prefecture, Hokkaido. Moved to Tokyo at 2 years of age with his family and grew up in Harajuku. His father is an architect and his mother was a calligraphy teacher. As hobbies they are also both into oil painting. He was influenced by that environment and became interested in many types of'Art' in his childhood.・Graduated from Waseda University, Major in Commerce.・Kuwasawa Design school, Major in Visual Design.His pieces are very unique and express human feelings. Sometimes happy, showing anger, sadness, darkness or pain. A spectrum of emotions. He changes his style (oil, coloured pencil, etc) depending on the subject matter. He has many characters and calls them his 'team-mates' so collectively they work as TEAM-TODO.

A concept of the death.
Finality (Finality)
Inevitability (Inevitability)
Causal relation (Causality)

Under environment hopeless, human can obtain it tuning this concept in a development process of the mind-resistant.
Not deep attachment to life.

But our children are undermined to bad air, and possibly a body may change color.
Still children will laugh.
Children will laugh in hopeless air.